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  商品名稱: Corel AfterShot Standard Multilingual RAW照片編輯器
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Corel AfterShot Standard Multilingual RAW照片編輯器
Corel AfterShot3是一款功能強大的圖像編輯軟件,使用為用戶帶來快速靈活的數碼照片工作流程,借助於軟件,您可以快速整理、優化和輸出您的照片,體哦那個豐富的處理選項可供大家選擇,您可以是一款快速,靈活的數碼照片工作流程應用程序,包括RAW格式,JPEG和TIFF。Corel AfterShot Pro旨在幫助您整理,優化和輸出照片。您可以調整和校正曝光,白平衡,細節和失真等元素。您可以通過各種編輯功能獲得創意,這些功能可應用於整張照片或選定區域。例如,您可以使用選擇性編輯選擇照片中的一個顏色區域,並將顏色應用於該區域,而不會影響照片的其餘部分。通過輸出生成,您可以共享在Corel AfterShot中處理過的照片。您的照片可以以多種格式輸出,您可以在網上打印,發送電子郵件或共享。強大的批量轉換功能使您可以利用多圖像處理。而照片管理允許您將原始數碼照片編目為主文件,並查看,添加,瀏覽和搜索照片元數據。隨著您的照片庫從數百張照片增長到數千張照片,維護一個連貫,有條理,可搜索的庫變得至關重要。Corel AfterShot提供了對當前照片進行編目所需的所有工具,並且可以輕鬆添加到您的庫中。由於Corel AfterShot是一種非破壞性圖像編輯器,這意味著您在Corel AfterShot中對圖像進行的調整永遠不會改變原始圖像中的數據。您可以隨心所欲地進行實驗,因為您知道可以隨時恢復到原始版本。作為非破壞性圖像編輯器,您創建的調整存儲在sidecar XMP文件中,Corel AfterShot目錄數據庫中,或兩者都存儲。這意味著當您準備共享或導出您的工作時,您需要將所需的版本輸出為標準文件格式。軟件可確保您可以在最短的時間內從照片中獲得最佳質量。AfterShot  3帶來、新的綜合水印、增強的突出顯示恢復、新的 Blemish Remover工具、新圖像預設庫等,功能更加強大。

Windows x64 | Languages: Multilingual | 
Turn your passion for photography into unforgettable photos—without spending hours at the computer. Corel® AfterShot™ 3 is the simple, affordable way to quickly learn professional-grade photo editing. Make easy corrections and enhancements, and apply adjustments to one or thousands of photos at once with batch processing tools.

Photo editing software
• Enhanced Highlight Recovery
• New Blemish Remover tools
• New Image Preset Library

Simple photo management
Sort, organize and view all your photos in one place, quickly and easily with flexible file management options--no importing required.

Time-saving workflow
Speed through loading, selecting, editing and output with an easy-to-use workflow perfect for students and aspiring photographers.

Powerful batch processing
Edit and perfect one or thousands of photos with powerful batch processing controls and presets that let you quickly bring out the best in every image.

Highlight Recovery
Regain more of the detail and tone from your overexposed photos with enhanced Highlight Recovery. Powered by a new algorithm, this feature lets you access more of the data in your RAW files for superior image quality.

Blemish Remover (NEW!)
Save time and edit faster by doing more touchups and photo corrections in AfterShot 3, rather than jumping to PaintShop Pro or Adobe® Photoshop®. The new Blemish Remover offers circle, brush, polygon and freehand tools for detailed editing, making portrait editing faster and easier. Remove dust, spots, smudges and a variety of imperfections on any photo.

Image Preset Library (NEW!)
Now it's easier to tap into the power of presets to automate more of your repetitive processing jobs or quickly reproduce a look that would otherwise be tedious to replicate. The new Image Preset Library^ lets you browse, preview and download free and for-purchase presets.

Lens Corrections (NEW!)
Update to AfterShot 3 for new, sought-after lens corrections that build on the hundreds of lenses already supported by AfterShot to quickly correct the different types of distortion introduced by various lenses. Join the AfterShot Pro community on Facebook to discover when new lens corrections are posted or to share your own.

See what's new with plugins (ENHANCED!)
Find and install free and for-purchase plugins, and get updates in a flash with AfterShot 3's new Plugin Manager^. Or make your own with our unique plugin API—a love of photography, a knowledge of C++ and the updated Plugin SDK are all you need. Share your plugins freely with the AfterShot community, or work with Corel to sell them.

Updated RAW camera profiles (NEW!)
We're committed to constantly delivering support for today's most popular, powerful and creative cameras, including professional DSLRs, flexible and high-quality mirrorless cameras, and many more. A new dynamic camera profile updater^ notifies you when new cameras are added a new feedback mechanism captures and prioritizes your requests with Corel.

Modular Camera Profiles (NEW!)
Get the latest camera profiles sooner—and without patching your software—with dynamic camera updates^. Simply browse and download directly from AfterShot 3. Don't see a camera you want? Hit the 'feedback' button and log your request directly to the AfterShot Pro development team.

Lens Correction Development Kit (NEW!)
Make and share your own lens corrections—ideal for photographers working with rare, unique or spanking new glass. Simply follow the instructions, save your correction, then load it into AfterShot 3—or share online.
Release Notes:

New camera support:
Note: Camera profiles are available from the Get More tab in the Tools panel (Windows and macOS) or from the Get More menu item (Linux).
• Canon 77D / EOS 9000D
• Canon EOS 200D / Rebel SL2
• Canon EOS 4000D
• Canon EOS M100
• Nikon D850
• Olympus EM10 Mark III
• Panasonic Lumix TZ200
• Panasonic Lumix GX9
• Pentax KP
• Leica C-Lux

Issues addressed:
• Importing: Fixed stability issue that occurred when importing photos from some Sony and Canon cameras
• Camera module and plugin installation issue resolved
• Launch issues associated with OpenCL fixed
• Nikon D850: Image dimension issue resolved
• Canon EOS 200D: TIFF files now detected
• Lens Correction: Fixed a number of issues that affected lens metadata display and correction results
• [Pro] Linux Ubuntu 18.4 installation issue resolved

System Requirements:
• Windows® 10, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 8, Windows® 7 with latest service pack (64-bit editions)
• 64-bit Intel or AMD processor (multi-core processor recommended)
• 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended for HDR)
• 400 MB of available hard-disk space required
• 1024x768 resolution with 16-bit color display (1280 x 768 resolution with 24 bit or higher color display recommended)