商品編號: DVDXX17642
  商品名稱: iPulse 3.0.5 MacOSX 系統性能監測工具
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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iPulse 3.0.5 MacOSX 系統性能監測工具
iPulse 是用圖表來顯示 Mac OS X 內部工作情況(包括: 系統負荷、網絡活動情況、記憶體活動情況和使用量、磁盤使用量、現在的時間/日期等),可使用預置面板進行調整 iPulse 的測量標準,任何變化將立即被在桌面或 dock 上以不同的顏色顯示。

iPulse 3.x | MacOSX | 

Through customizable gauges iPulse user can monitor the load on the CPU, RAM usage, free space on hard drives, network activity and other indicators of the system. However, unlike other similar applications iPulse takes quite a few places.

Monitor multiple OS X statistical data including:
* Activities processor
* Bandwidth and network activities
* Activities and memory usage
* Battery and wireless signal strength
* Disk Usage
* Current time and date
* The compact, intelligent and fully customizable user interface
* It minimizes the impact on system performance
* Viewing the data on your desktop, in a menu or Dock
* Show & hide windows using the system hot keys

Added new information for CPU gauge:
* GPU utilization (if available)
* Video memory (VRAM) usage (if available)
* OS X thermal state (OS X 10.10.3 and later)
* Total number of cores
* See the "CPU usage" help section for more info

* Improved compatibility with OS X 10.7
* Added notes about other window preferences in Quick Setup
* Instructions are clearer about restarting to get Dock changes
* The alignment of text baselines in the clock gauge is much better
* Added more information about the 24-hour clock face in Help

* Fixed typos about swapping gauges in Help
* "Logarithmic" is now spelled correctly in Preferences
* Fixed problems with ring on hour and calendar week start in Preferences
* Minimum system version is now set correctly to 10.7.
* Text is no longer clipped in older versions of OS X
* Fixed problems with mouse tracking in larger windows

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